Your Ultimate Romantic Gesture this Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The most quintessential holiday to gift flowers to your special someone, friends, and family - Boite De Luxe is your one-stop-shop for flowers that will last until next Valentine’s Day! Flowers are a beautiful expression of love and especially with the unprecedented year everyone has faced, it is exceptionally important to gift your loved ones this Valentine’s Day to show them you are thinking of them.

We have a variety of suggestions we’re happy to share with you to help you pick out the perfect Valentine’s gift.

For your Lover:  Express your timeless love with our single forever rose stem that comes beautifully encased in a glass bell jar. Offered in black, blue, pink, red, white, lavender, taupe, and yellow, this gift will surely make for a Valentine’s Day they'll never forget. The ultimate Disney princess dream!

     Grand Square              Bisou            L'Acrylique Accessory Box

 For a big spender: If you want to really treat him or her this Valentine’s Day, we recommend our L'acrilique Accessory Box or Grand Square. L'acrilique Accessory Box is a powerful statement piece that comes with 25 forever roses and a beautiful acrylic accessory box with a drawer on the bottom that allows for beautiful storage of your accessories, jewelry, makeup, and other personal belongings. Or you can make the grandiose statement with 49 forever roses that come in a beautifully handcrafted square box with our Grand Square. 

 For your Family and Friends: Our exclusive Boite De Luxe rose teddy bear is certain to blow him or her away this Valentine’s Day! We offer 3 different sizes and handcrafted rose colors in red, white, pink, and blue. Additionally, as requested we happily brought back our rose bunnies for our animal lovers so take a peek and see which is calling your name!

            Rose Teddy Bear                        Hydrangea X Rose Collection

Add a touch of dimension to your handcrafted round box with 5-8 forever roses in a mix of forever hydrangeas with our Hydrangeas x Roses in Round Signature or 7-10 forever roses in a mix of forever hydrangeas in our Hydrangea x Roses in Square Signature. A classic and elegant touch to anybody's home with a lasting impression. We also recommend our Grand Belle, Signature Square, and Bisou by Boite De Luxe. A gift to make anybody feel special.

 For your Besties: Our Petit Belle or Petit Square is the perfect gift for all your Galentine’s! The Petit Belle captures all of the beauty and luxury of our Grand Belle but in a petit glass bell jar and the Petit Square captures all of the essences of the Signature Square but in a petit sized Parisian hatbox. One of our newer arrangements, the long-stem Forever Hydrangea is treasured for its contrast of boldness and delicacy, symbolizing heartfelt emotion, forgiveness, and gratitude, and would make for the most stunning Galentine’s gift.

  Petit Belle            Petit Square              L'eau

Please Visit our VALENTINE’S DAY tab on our website to view all of our suggestions for gifting this Valentine’s Day! We recommend ordering before February 5th to ensure your arrangement will make it in time for Valentine’s Day. 

VALENTINES DAY POP UP: If you are located in the DMV area, we have an even extra special treat for you! If you like to shop in person, drop hints to your partner or you know you're going to procrastinate... you're in luck! We will now be holding our Annual pop-up at Tysons Galleria on February 11th- 14th for our special shoppers. We will be open during regular mall hours and awaiting your arrival. Happy shopping lovers... 

“There is only one happiness in life. To love and be loved.” - George Sand


Written by Grace Cohn. Grace is our Publicity Intern and is in her last semester at the University of Southern California studying Public Relations with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and French.