Happy Holidays from BdL to You

Forever Roses for a Forever Holiday

There’s no denying that the holidays are the best time of the year, so what better way to keep the holidays going than with a gift that lasts you until the next holiday season? As winter is approaching upon us, it is time to start decorating your home and brainstorming what gifts to buy your loved ones. As the days get colder and we start to spend more time indoors, it’s so important to fill your space with beauty. There is no better gift to give nor decoration to bring beauty into your home during the holidays than one of our Forever Flower arrangements. We are here to help provide you the best gifts and decorations for the holidays.

You Asked, We Delivered

We have listened to your feedback and have created a new collection of flowers with stems for that traditional bouquet style: the Long Stem Forever Flower collection, featuring the Bisou and L’eau. The Bisou is a single long stem rose and the L’eau is a single long stem hydrangea. Our ever-classic, single long-stem Forever Rose is the perfect combination of lasting beauty and radiating elegance. This stunning Single Forever Rose will maintain it’s freshness for over a year and make for a special holiday gift for someone you love. Get one for a subtle elegance, or multiple to create a statement bouquet. Shop this Single Long-Stem Forever Rose online at Boite De Luxe. There are many creative ways to style the Long Stem Forever Flower collection! Some of our best recommendations are either a single stem by itself or in a vase or multiple stems in a vase. Below are some examples of how to style your Long Stem Forever Flower.

                             L'eau                                                                      Bisou

Customer Picks

Another popular pick for the holidays is our Beauty and The Beast Rose collection which includes three different sizes; the Grand Belle, Petit Belle and Le Mignon Belle. No matter what collection you choose, we offer a wide range of colors to fit your festive décor.​ 

Our Co-founder Picks

A CEO’s touch, Mandana’s favorite arrangement for the holidays is the Le Miroir tablescape. “It makes a great centerpiece for all the memories made around the dinner table during the holidays with friends and family.” - Mandana Yusupova

Co-founder Asalia’s top holiday pick is the Bisou or the L’eau mix bouquet because she loves the long stem look. Now, what will you pick? 

Gift Guide

The following link can be clicked for you to read our online gift guide catalog: https://issuu.com/boitedeluxe/docs/gift_guide 

With Love, Boite De Luxe

From all of us at Boite De Luxe, we wish you the happiest holiday season filled with joy, time with family, and good health. We are delighted to be a part of bringing beauty into your home and gifts to your loved ones this holiday season.


Written by Grace Cohn. Grace is our Publicity Intern and is in her last semester at the University of Southern California studying Public Relations with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and French.